Phil Pinto


Working with Entrepreneurs, Executives seeking to enter the C-suite,
Military Leaders transitioning to civilian executive leadership roles.

Areas of Expertise

Services Offered

• Executive Coaching
• Small Business Coaching
• Sales Team Mindset Coaching
• Executive Retreats
• Executive Workshops (Coming in 2021)

“Phil is very easy to connect with. I felt very comfortable sharing my work struggles with him and truly appreciated his ability to respectfully challenge me when I wasn’t being completely honest with myself, or was making assumptions.”

- Katie Brandt, Altius Consulting


Short-Term Coaching 

Short-term coaching is for laser-focusing on very specific leadership or personal challenges that can be addressed in a 3-session engagement.

(3) 50-min coaching sessions
• Define your main goal
• Develop a strategy with actionable steps and accountability

Individual Coaching

Executive coaching for high-performing leaders who have a current leadership challenge and a desire to take action and create a plan through an interactive process of learning and applying new behavior. These engagements typically last six months and include a 360-degree assessment.

(1) Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment
• 30 min online assessment
• Identify your leadership style and your energy level, based on the Seven Levels of Energy

(1) ELI Debrief
• 1-hour session reviewing your assessment results
• You will learn about the seven energy levels
• You will understand your default/baseline
• You will be able to identify your goal/next step for what to focus on in the eight coaching sessions

(11) 50-min coaching sessions over six months
• Define your primary goal
• Develop a strategy with actionable steps and accountability
• Strategize to develop changes that foster leadership effectiveness

(4) 10 min coaching sessions
• Midway check-ins

(1) Everything DiSC® 363 Feedback (Optional)

Debrief includes:

• 1-hour debrief

• Meeting with the leader to help process and understand the feedback

• Assisting the leader in identifying development areas and creating action plans

• Providing resources to support the leader achieve goals

• Scheduling follow-up meetings to measure progress and promote accountability

Onboarding High-Potentials

Onboarding/high-potential coaching helps foster a smooth transition into a new senior-level position for both internal promotions and external hires. The purpose is to accelerate growth and decrease the time it usually takes for new hires to become highly effective. 


This program helps newly placed managers and executives navigate areas most critical to their success, and engagements typically last between three and six months.


Typical focus areas are:


- Identifying and overcoming gaps and challenges in individual leadership styles

- Executive presence

- Building awareness

- Effective Communications

- Building teams and trust

- Providing effective feedback

- Leading during crisis

- Navigating turbulent environments

- How to influence others

- Stress reduction


Although each coaching program is tailored to meet an individual’s unique development needs, you can expect some or all of the following elements in a program designed for you:

- A battery of assessment instruments powered by Everything DiSC

- 360-degree feedback report

- Interviews with key colleagues

- Face-to-face and telephone coaching


Designed especially for Entrepreneurs in the start-up phase of their business, this package focuses on long-term support and accountability.

There is a lot of ramp-up when it comes to making the vision you have for your business a reality. You probably have made plans, developed strategy, and maybe have even started to execute. But perhaps you still find yourself spinning in many directions.

Mentally, this can be very challenging (read: distracting, exhausting, undermining...) and it can take longer than you might have initially anticipated to get your footing, which is frustrating, understandably!

Over the course of a year, Phil will partner with you to help you cope with unexpected trials, stick with your long-term goals and recalibrate when needed so you can achieve your vision!

“I love [Phil’s] direct yet empathetic approach; it was what I liked from first meeting him. Phil is not a coach who will tell what you want to hear, he will challenge you, calling you out on your excuses and get you out of that comfort zone you reside in, in order to help you get the results you need. He is also very versatile. He managed to keep me focused through a myriad of different challenges, both personal and professional and for that I am truly grateful. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to make real change in their lives; you will get there much faster with Phil's help!”

- Harpreet Chana, Vikara Solutions