Exclusive Mastermind for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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Each member brings their particular skills, experience, and background to the table. Everyone benefits from the other members’ perspectives.


When a group comes together, collectively, they tap into a “third mind” more substantial than the sum of its parts, and become powerful! 


On yet a third level, members are more likely to commit to an action and follow through since accountability is a significant part of any mastermind.

Our mastermind groups meet twice a month and are facilitated by professional coaches to ensure the group stays on track.


The trusted circle of colleagues also networks and collaborated to achieve goals with meaningful accountability.

Exclusive Mastermind for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Executive Leadership

Phil Pinto


“Phil is very easy to connect with. I felt very comfortable sharing my work struggles with him and truly appreciated his ability to respectfully challenge me when I wasn’t being completely honest with myself or was making assumptions.”

- Katie Brandt, Altius Consulting

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